I'm Aniket Prabhu

Technically inquisitive. Software Engineer at Commvault Systems

Aniket Prabhu

Working as a software engineer at Commvault Systems, passionate about software development. Wanted to be a computer engineer since primary school days. Cloud based computing, Web & Mobile development and game development are the domains of my preference.


My Skills

Web Development

Developed websites and webapps using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET.

Mobile Development

Developed native mobile apps for Android and Windows on Xamarin.

Cyber Security

Develoed projects involving network security and have participated in conferences related to the domain.

Game Development

Built 3D games on Unity3D.


Contributed as the Microsoft Student Partner for PESIT. Have been the head of various groups in school and college.

Software Debugging

Good experience in debugging software issues.

My Resume